Create Project Task shortcut


I have set up a test Phabricator instance and created a few projects. I would like to add a Create Task link to each project menu. This link would allow creating new tasks, and would always associate such a task to the corresponding source project.

If I prefill the Create Task form with a &project=xyz URL parameter, then the user may remove this xyz tag in the form. If I lock the Tags field in the form, then the user can no longer add extra tags to the task. How can I make sure a task is always saved with at least the xyz project tag, yet the Tags field remains fully editable?

This is the behavior when a task is created directly from a project work board. I would like to replicate this behavior, but in a more prominent project menu link.

Any help will be appreciated,



There’s currently no way to “partially lock” or “mark as append-only” a field (e.g., prefill some subscribers or project tags which can not be removed).

We could conceivably add a fourth option to fields like this so that “Lock/Hide Fields” would let you select “Visible”, “Append Only”, “Locked”, “Hidden”.



Thank you for this answer, and more generally thank you for Phabricator!

Your idea of a new “Append only” field option nicely generalizes my use case. Shall I create a task for this on, so that it’s not forgotten? I guess it may be useful to many people.



Unfortunately, we only accept feature requests from customers.

(If you’re a customer, you can file this request through your support channel.)



OK. I totally understand that you prioritize paying customer requests, which I’m not at this stage.