Creating a zapier zap for new task

This seems very niche but I have a working system that I would like to simply add to.

Currently, I’ve a command in a game I’ve written call a simple Zapier hurl. Lets says, "

When called it posts the name, location, and message to a discord channel. I would like this to e extended.

What I would, ideally, need is to figure out how Zapier could create a new task in Phabricator manifest titled something like “Bug 231” with the context including name, location, and message, and put it on a projects workboard under a specific category and assign users to it.

I feel like this is possible but cannot figure out the proper syntax.

Welcome to Phabricator, Josh!

I’ve never seen before - it looks cool.
Phabricator has API available for creating a task and placing it on a board, and so on. Unfortunately, It looks like Zapier doesn’t already have integration with Phabricator.

You can try to add this integration on the Zapier platform; it would take some work, but it’s possible.
Alternatively, if you’ve setup Phabricator to handle inbound email, you can probably have your Zapier send an email, and have Phabricator create a Task from this email.

Once a Task exists, you can use Herald for some more automation inside the Phabricator suite (like placing it on a specific workboard/project or assign it.

Good luck on your journey!

It actually does have webhook functionality, python, and JavaScript. It’s the syntax for fabricator I am struggling with. Maniphest.edit could be used in a single url hook? Could you possibly give me an example of a url that creates and places a task in to a work board if so?

Thank you so much for your welcome!

yes, maniphest.edit should allow you to create a new task and place it on a board. The content all goes in the body of the call, not in the URI.

If you go to https://<phabricator>/conduit/method/maniphest.edit/, you can put a JSON call in transactions, and leave objectIdentifier blank, to create a new task. After submitting, you’ll see examples for how to make the call using cURL or using arc call-conduit.

You’ll want transactions for title and description, projects.add to assign a project, and column to assign a column on a workboard. The project and column values are PHIDs, though I’m not sure where you can actually extract the phids from; Possibly, you need to use and