Creating Maniphest Multiple Value custom field

We are trying to create a bug reporting form in Maniphest that also includes some custom fields. We want to create a custom field for this form with multiple values something similar to the user and tag fields. But upon checking the basic custom field, it seems that this form type is not actually available for the basic custom field. And I cannot seem to find a guide on creating a multi-value field for Advanced custom field.

You should create a custom field by code. And define exactly what you want for the editor and the view page.

You can base your editor view by reusing the editor vue for tag and user. User extends PhbabricatorStandardCustomFieldTokenizer :

So with the correct datasource, you could create the multivalue form that you want with the search capability.

All Maniphest customField are define hear :

Would it also be possible to have the field support auto-complete with a set of values only? We wouldn’t want the reporter to input a wrong value in it.

This is the goal of “$control = id(new AphrontFormTokenizerControl())”