CustomFields types with Herald support

Ok, so out of my diggings I found that you can setup Herald rules only for custom fields that are of type:

  • set specific stuff that don’t have entered value for field “impact amount”. Yes could be organization specific, but this could be a case in many organizations that could use it. Not only for this could be used to make specific actions with Herald, but also it would be useful to filter Maniphest tasks that have this “impact amount” higher or lower than …

Another problem I see that there is ZERO information on how type of custom field affects Herald based rules in Phabricator user docs. I think this should be updated (not sure who should be notified @epriestley ?)


Existing use cases are weak and request esoteric, complex constraints. So far, we’ve resolved all customer interest in this kind of field through other approaches (e.g., filesize limits in Diffusion).

Thank you. Will not argue on how complex it is even though sounds quite simple (>,<,>=,<=,!=) I guess I will have to convert int fields to text for now because other than being int they serve nothing. Well working with exported data would make it easier with int in my case, but in the end it will be not that hard to convert text to int, unless of course someone would enter a value of let say “some amount” instead of number “24” in that field - meaning you loose integrated validity check which again could be overcome (at a cost) with yet another Herald rule.

Now before this question is closed, I have final related question - will converting custom field from -int to text will not break something in Phabricator? I tried a few scenarios myself on test install, but am not sure of any inner workings. And again when time will come, converting the same custom field back to int?

P.S. can anyone tell their use cases for int in current custom fields then? Sort of confused what is the purpose of it at all, information only fields?