Daemons tasks crashing in a loop during reindex


Seeing this after upgrading to latest and running the search reindex:

Daemon 102498 STDO [Sat, 30 Sep 2017 15:54:22 -0700] Fatal error: Call to a member function getTableName() on a non-object in /Review/Phabractor_home/phabricator/src/applications/transactions/query/PhabricatorApplicationTransactionQuery.php on line 210


phabricator 5c73c169fd31d029df764086cab24d19a6317d76 (Fri, Sep 29) 
arcanist c804c5026011f27614a7bbdb2bb32cab590d68ca (Wed, Sep 20) 
phutil 388d16d298a356eadd5021e09af35c5f83c620ef (Wed, Sep 27) 
diff 2.8.1 at /usr/bin/diff 
git 1.7.1 at /usr/bin/git 
hg 4.0.2 at /usr/local/bin/hg 
pygmentize 2.2.0 at /usr/bin/pygmentize 
svn 1.6.11 at /usr/bin/svn


Thanks, see https://secure.phabricator.com/D18667.