Dark Mode Experiment


Building something just for fun locally, thought I’d share here:





Here’s some anecdata if it helps at all (people seem enthused about it):


5 mana pls.


I’ve put it up for review, so it would be available in the next release. I’ll probably have a few small follow up diffs, but its 96% done.


This is in master as “Experimental” with a reasonable first pass. I’ll continue to polish it as I have free time.


Polished up a second pass at some loose ends, but making diffs look good requires some additional help from Eng.


Well, this darkmode looks almost like both my IDE and dev-tools settings, so it really helps keep immersion. It’s awesome man!


Outside of diffs, if you spot anything weird let me know here. Diff styles are generated separately and I can’t modify them without tying them into the main celerity post-processor pipeline.


How can I activate it? I don’t see the option in Config. Sorry if it’s an obvious question.


It’s per user, in Settings under Display Preferences / Accessibility.


Great, thank you! Didn’t notice that


Nice! Thanks @phacility-chad!
We looked into a dark theme for a very long time in Phabricator.
As most of our applications have a dark theme colored gray, would it be possible to build one also gray?
Example: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/mozilla-plans-to-remove-support-for-firefox-complete-themes-495866-3.jpg


Sure, I’d quote $1000 to build this. Let me know if you’re interested.



I have this theme enabled on my secure.phabricator.com account to make sure I don’t ever accidentally try and create a Maniphest task there rather than in my local Phabricator instance :wink:


Awesome work @chad01

Is the a tutorial anywhere on how to skin phabricator?


What is wrong with my links?


This is awesome, I am so glad this feature was added. Is any development happening towards this?

One thing that bugs me is light blue notifications that pop up have white text on them, makes them rather difficult to read…