Dashboard tab pannel first display is inconsistent

When I build a dashboard with a tab pannel containing different project requests, the first displayed tab is inconsistent (the results are not corresponding to the displayed tab but to something that looks like a fusion of several tabs). This bug also concerns tasks from Maniphest (maybe other applications are concerned). Reproduced on Firefox 78.9 and Chromium 89. This issue can be reproduced easily on a Phacility’s test instance.

Reproduction Instructions

  • Create a dashboard
  • Create several projects
  • Create several projects query that match different results and add them to the dashboard
  • Go the the dashboard editor
  • Create a tab pannel
  • Add the projects query in the tab pannel
  • Display the dashboard
  • The first displayed tab results is inconsistent (something looks like a fusion of several tabs)
  • If you click again on the tab, the results is fixed

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
phabricator - 2afedad61c51 - Sun, Mar 28 - 61272e7ac31a