Data export to Excel


Hi! Is there any possibility to export user profile data to excel sheet including custom fields?


Not built-in. You could use the conduit API to pull this information and convert it to CSV for import to Excel.


oh thanks. Could I expect such feature to be built-in in the future then?


Seems pretty unlikely to me, but I can’t speak for Phacility.


Probably part of Facts will have some sort of export for queries and charts you make there. No plans on when though.


Is there any way to export data directly from database?


The database is just MySQL (or MySQL-compatible), so exporting data should actually be fairly trivial as long as you have database read access; I actually generate a number of reports at work that span both our old bugtracker (FogBugz) and our new one (Maniphest within Phabricator) partially using this, in edge cases where the conduit API doesn’t get me to the info I want easily or honestly sometimes when I’m just a bit too lazy to look up how to do something via Conduit (since I’m quite comfortable in MySQL).

IIRC the MySQL commandline client even spits out results in tab-separated form, so just piping the output of a query against the phabricator_user table to a .tsv file and you’ve already got a spreadsheet :slight_smile: (Excel will open TSV files just fine, as will LibreOffice and Google Sheets and such.) And of course, many MySQL/MariaDB GUI clients will export results as spreadsheets of various formats too :slight_smile: