Database Configuration: Custom Names/Prefix | Safety for other DBs?

I want to try out Phabricator on my server and when it came on configuration I found out that Phabricator seems to user more databases for handling data. I have an internal db structure which has a different prefixs to associate dbs to different nonprofits I work for. As far as I’ve understood the configuration this seems to be impossible, right?

I’m thinking of creating a custom user for phabricator and wondered if you could help me with a configuration of that user to allow it accessing the phabricator dbs only. This is for additional security but from my pov also necessary for GDPR compliance (yeah nobody would potentially realize but I’m actually a fan of data safety)

I’ve googled some time now but either I was looking up the wrong terms or nobody else has asked these questions. I’m fine with an article link if you think its good for understanding. Any help is appreciated very much :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the effort in advance!

For prefix names of databases - use the storage.default-namespace config value.

For separating access for some databases based on user - I think this is supported in mysql - looks like the right document. Note that upgrading Phabricator might create new databases, so you’ll have to properly update their access as well.
Usually I try to spin up a separate mysql instance for each application, especially for production systems.

In the meantime I got a bit deeper in the configuration system, couldnt find a good overview over all config values yet so this helps. Thank you!