Deleting Subtypes

Hi all -

I had 4 subtypes defined for Maniphest tasks:

  • Enhancement
  • Feature
  • Defect
  • Task

Realised that Feature and Enhancement weren’t providing value individually, so I updated all tasks marked as Feature to Enhancement, using the maniphest API, then removed the Feature subtype via maniphest.config.

The Feature subtype is still showing up when I create a new task.

Any idea how I can force it to be removed?

Thanks in advance

Do you mean that the “Create Task” dropdown still has an option like “New Feature”?

If so, removing a subtype does not automatically disable the forms you created for that subtype. To disable a form:

  • Click the “New Feature” action that you want to remove, to get to the corresponding creation form.
  • Click “Configure Form” in the upper right of the screen, then “Edit Form Configuration”.
  • Click “Disable Form” (or “Unmark as ‘Create’ Form”).

If this isn’t where it’s showing up, can you be more specific about exactly where the removed subtype is appearing in the UI?

Spot on - that works perfectly - I had to disable the Form.

Thanks very much @epriestley.