Did not get any result by limit


Observed Behavior:
A description of the bug.
when a search the git commit log by constraints[repositories][0]=xxxphid&constraints[ancestorsOf][0]=dev&limit=5, I will get 5 records of recent git commit . (in this situation, dev is a branch.)
however , when I try to switch to master branch , by the same param , I got no result . if I change the limit from 5 to 100 to search the commit log in master , I will get some results.
I think the difference between master and dev branch , is that I haven’t merge the dev code to master for a long time . is there any default time limitation for this API or something like that ?

Expected Behavior:
use diffusion.commit.search API could get the correct result

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Reproduction Steps:
Steps the upstream can follow on a clean install to see the same issue

  1. get the phid for a repository by diffusion.repository.search
  2. get the branch by diffusion.branchquery
  3. search the commit phid by diffusion.commit.search

I can’t reproduce this: