Differential.revision.edit call with plan-changes

I create new revision with differential.revision.edit with changes-planned = true in arcanist. This creates new revision as expected but Revision status ends up not being plan-changes but instead needs-review.

I have a herald rule set so that I can monitor herald transcripts after I called differential.revision.edit. There are three transcripts visible when I assumed there is only one. First transcript is totally ok and has revision status plan-changes as commanded but after that there is second transcript which changes revision status incorrectly to needs-review. Third transcript is related to arc-unit. Is this expected and should this happen? Any way to prevent this?

Because of this it is impossible to do Herald rules based on revision status. I want to build herald rule which triggers external Jenkins build system only if plan-changes is not set but it won’t work because of this behavior.

What version of Phabricator are you running? You can find version information in the “Config” application in the web UI.

Thanks, phabricator version is 67f062b0049dcc55558acfa85c6333947d6fcaab

Update solves this issue?