I have some extensions that made use of DifferentialInlineCommentQuery to pull out all inline comment which are not marked as done, which broke following the 20th May 2020 upgrade.

I’m thinking I should now need to use DifferentialDiffInlineCommentQuery but simply replacing does not work due to STATE_DONE being missing?

Before I go down this rabbit hole, Could you give me some advice if DifferentialDiffInlineCommentQuery is considered to effectively be identical, (i.e. am I using the correct class?)

Any pointers would help…

    $query = id(new DifferentialInlineCommentQuery())

          $inlines = $query->execute();

          foreach ($inlines as $inline) {
                $state = $inline->getFixedState();

                if ($state != PhabricatorInlineCommentInterface::STATE_DONE &&
                                            !$inline->getReplyToCommentPHID()) {

To answer my own question

DifferentialInlineCommentQuery becomes DifferentialDiffInlineCommentQuery

PhabricatorInlineCommentInterface::STATE_DONE becomes PhabricatorInlineComment::STATE_DONE

I hope my assumptions are correct (seems to work)

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