Diffusion, Differential mobile layout broken when enabling file tree


Observed Behavior:

Expected Behavior:
On small screens, Phabricator should show the file tree in a more useful way. Or should avoid attempting to show the file tree.

Phabricator Version:
secure.phabricator.com as of August 6 2018

Reproduction Steps:

  • In Phabricator, set Settings > Personal Settings > Diff Preferences > Show Filetree to ‘Enable Filetree’
  • View a diff from Diffusion or Differential on a mobile device like an iPhone. (In Safari, you can simulate such a device by choosing Develop > Enter Responsive Design Mode)


This is probably upstreamable if someone has a chance to repro + file it before I get to it.


would it be feasible to just add a @media rule hiding the file tree on narrow screens? I just got a couple of complaints from my users about this issue today…