Diffusion observed Mercurial repository history broken?

Hi all, we have some observed Mercurial repositories where the history is backwards and the graph is not really working. Is the history supposed to be backwards? Doesn’t make sense when the heading is Recent Commits

Observed Behavior:
The history is show in reversed in Recent Commits, and in Graph each commit starts it’s own branch line creating a huge Christmas tree.

Expected Behavior:
History should show latest commits first, and graph should render a single line for each branch

Phabricator Version:
Installed Versions

  • phabricator 9fdeb2d8ac95bddfb918f6541ba1f0fbcd5b0c24 (Sun, Dec 3) (branched from 42034e6739eb2507839dda708963219c430c7e76 on origin)
  • arcanist a3519b8fdefc594cb4aac66ded6977640d7f5999 (Fri, Dec 1) (branched from f4c80a114d3652c9b53a86ab339f4e5b46096415 on origin)
  • phutil f3386051a959f218ce96ffbec5fe4010decb83f9 (Fri, Dec 1) (branched from 59642f23682296417575dc562eeaf4d7f4574651 on origin)
  • diff 2.8.7 at /usr/bin/diff
  • git 2.12.1 at /usr/local/bin/git
  • hg 4.1.1 at /usr/local/bin/hg
  • pygmentize 2.1.3 at /usr/local/bin/pygmentize
  • svn 1.9.5 at /usr/local/bin/svn

Reproduction Steps:
Create an observed Mercurial repository with some history.

Thanks, see https://secure.phabricator.com/D18817.

Thank you! I did find an old bug from 2016 or something where it was fixed, didn’t realize this was a new bug :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick fix, I can confirm it works :tada: