Diffusion policy overview

Hi, I’m currently managing an instance with around 70 repos, in my office everyone should be able to read almost everything except our new consultant which should be restricted to only a few repos, I’ve created an account for him, manually changed the view policy for every repos and added a custom policy to only the repos he should visit.

Everything’s fine but I’d like to be able to double check that he isn’t allowed to view something else by mistake and under phabricator I cannot login with it’s account even if I’m admin, also I haven’t found any way to get an overview of the policies for every repo instead of manually visiting all of them or to have a list of the items he’s allowed to read from its profile.

Any suggestion?

Thank your for your work

I’ve run into this a couple of times on my own instance. If you’re a server admin, you can use phabricator/bin/auth recover <username> to get a temporary login URL (just don’t reset the user password!)

Use your powers wisely, grasshopper. :wink:

Also, in terms of access control, consider using either Spaces or Projects to control who-can-access-what. That way, if you get a second consultant, you can add him/her to the Consultants project (for example).

Thank you, exactly what I was looking for!