Disable checkboxes


Recently we moved to Phabricator.

We used tags in commit messages:
[+] - New feature
[-] - Deleted feature
[*] - Changes

Phabricator marks these tags as Checkboxes. Is there a way to disable brackets parsing as Checkboxes in code\configuration? If there is no such feature could you please point me where I can change it in Phabricator source code?

Thank you!


There’s no configuration to disable it, and the relevant code is a little involved - it’s part of the List rendering rules in libphutil:
You can maybe just update the regexp to something that doesn’t catch your things.
Remember you’ll need to restart Phabricator and clear the Remarkup cache after making the change (./bin/cache purge --caches remarkup).


Regex didn`t helped me, but as WA we disabled checkboxes.