Disabled required fields block creation of new tasks

** How to reproduce:

  • Create a required custom field
  • Create a custom form and set a default value for the required field
  • Create a new Task and check the required field has the correct default value
  • Create a Task Subtype and disable the required field
  • Create a new Ticket (the required field is no longer visible as expected)
  • Click the Create Ticket button

I expect that only visible required fields are reported back
I see that also the hidden required field is reported back as missing an entry, so there is no way to create the new task.

Creating a new custom form for the subtype does not fix the problem.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
arcanist 2d6452acb5f1 Mar 3 2021
phabricator 95662ae8f1a7 Apr 7 2021