Display deadline on workboard / project board

I’m seeing evidence that there’s a way of displaying task deadline dates on workboards, such as mediawiki https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T191865#4611721

Is this actually a core feature?

my Maniphest.custom-field-definitions looks like this:

“due”: {
“name”: “Due Date”,
“type”: “date”
“mycompany:estimated-hours”: {
“name”: “Estimated Hours”,
“type”: “int”,
“caption”: “Estimated number of hours this will take.”
“mycompany:actual-hours”: {
“name”: “Actual Hours”,
“type”: “int”,
“caption”: “Actual number of hours this took.”

My Maniphest.subtypes like this:
“key”: “default”,
“name”: “Task”
“key”: “bug”,
“name”: “Bug”
“key”: “feature”,
“name”: “Feature Request”
“key”: “deadline”,
“name”: “Deadline”

I’ve tried naming the field ‘deadline’, ‘due date’ and a few other variants, plus tried naming the field group multiple things ‘deadline’, ‘mycompany’ etc. before removing the field group as per the example url. The name is set to ‘due’ now as that appears to be its name in the mediawiki example: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/task/edit/form/37/

I’ve tried creating a new form and subtype called deadline and assigning that edit form to the deadline subtype.

But the deadline date doesn’t appear on the project board. Just a marker that it’s a subtype “DEADLINE”

I’ve just done a Phabricator upgrade as our install was running a May '18 version but no change.

Am I missing something, or am I looking at somebody’s workaround? Thanks for any help.

Leave it, found it’s a mod: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/rPHABae334e4589a0413c1eb8a9e8d993e553bfeff478


I am trying to do the same, display a deadline on each Task.

Could you please provide some basic steps to implement this?

I am using the docker phabricator image: Docker Hub

Do I need to create a custom field? Then do I just apply the changes that are highlighted in your link?

Any help is appreciated as this is really an essential feature.