Do exist any auto-detection features for maniphest priority keywords?


Well, the title should be clear - are there any side effects of Maniphest priority keywords?

Similar to the prefixes / suffixes config option for a Maniphest status I suspect that the “keywords” key inside a Maniphest JSON config for priorities might have some effect if they appear in different places - but I could not find any documentation about that.

Does such a feature exist? Are Maniphest priority keywords auto-detected and do they trigger any kind of action, e.g if a user writes an email or in a commit message?

I would like to add another documentation bug to the public bugtracker I still was not able to find:

Please describe if there exists a similar auto-detection feature for Maniphest priority keywords like it does for a Maniphest status. Because it looks so similar, users might expect something like this to exist, so it makes sense to add one sentence about this to the short info on the configuration screen - please also explicitly mention if such a feature does not exist, like e.g. “The priority keywords are not auto-detected in any user text input.”

Of course, the next question that emerges: why do they exist then? That is why I am writing this post…

Thank you very much for your attention!


What are “priority keywords”? What is a specific example of some action/configuration and what is a specific example of what you would like to achieve?