Docker installation fails with an error

Hi there.
I have installed phabricator through the bitnami docker image.
I have volume persistence set for the container.

Now when I try to reinstall with the same volume, I get the following error message. Logs below.

Welcome to the Bitnami phabricator container
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nami    INFO  Initializing apache
apache  INFO  ==> Reconfiguring PID file location...
nami    INFO  apache successfully initialized
nami    INFO  Initializing php
nami    INFO  php successfully initialized
nami    INFO  Initializing phabricator
phabric INFO  Creating Phabricator system users...
phabric INFO  Creating Phabricator temporary folders...
phabric INFO  Phabricator has being initialized already, restoring...
mysql-c INFO  Trying to connect to MySQL server
mysql-c INFO  Found MySQL server listening at mariadb:3306
mysql-c INFO  MySQL server listening and working at mariadb:3306
Error executing 'postInstallation':  ANALYZE  Analyzing tables...
 ANALYZED  Analyzed 504 table(s).

Any suggestion as to what the problem could be?

We don’t support Docker or Bitnami. Contact Bitnami as the output suggests:

Send us your feedback at

…or install Phabricator using the upstream instructions.