[docs] PATH conflicts with the archiving utility arc


Actual bug

The installation instructions suggest the following:

$ export PATH="$PATH:/somewhere/arcanist/bin/"

Unfortunately, there exists an arc command that is installed in /usr/bin. Since /usr/bin is a natural part of nearly every PATH, this results in /usr/bin/arc being called instead of Arcanist because the initial PATH is first in the list.

I admit that /usr/bin/arc is something that most people won’t be using, but better safe than sorry, right? This would solve the issue:

$ export PATH="/somewhere/arcanist/bin/:$PATH"

I’ll also add that it’s not uncommon to use similar logic when dealing with $HOME/bin. Indeed, it’s the default for Debian/Ubuntu systems.

And another thing…

I’ll mention this as an aside: I thought about sending a arc diff but when looking at the contributor guide. So was the bug reporting guide. I tried to log in via GitHub and that failed as well. If you intend everyone to use Discourse, all good, but there are some crumbs still laying around you should probably clean up.