Docs - Phabricator Upgrade / Install Process still mentions Libphutil

Did an upgrade of our Phabricator Install this morning - During the process of following the guide at ◉ Upgrading Phabricator I noticed that the instructions for Libphutil remain.

After everything in ⚓ T13395 Strip libphutil for parts, should the docs be updated to :

  1. Indicate the if you DO have Libphutil, do xx steps
  2. If you are a new user, you shouldn’t have Libphutil at all? (therefore the instructions may be confusing)

It seems that the Install process also still has the user install this library - ◉ Installation Guide

According to :⚓ T13488 Upgrading: Early 2020 Changes to Arcanist

libphutil is no longer required. All the code in “libphutil/” which Arcanist requires has been merged into “arcanist/”. “libphutil/” is now an empty repository with a README file. See T13395 for discussion. You can safely delete the “libphutil/” directory if it is empty and everything is working for you.

Following the install or upgrade instructions which include libphutil/ won’t hurt anything (you’ll just get an extra empty directory) but I’ve updated these documents in