Don't require replication permissions if DB cluster not enabled

On my installation, I have not set up any DB replication - configuration is via the mysql.* keys, not the cluster.* keys.

However, when I visit /config/cluster/databases/ the DB table flags up Missing Permission in the Connection column and the Messages column reads:

No permission to run “SHOW SLAVE STATUS”. Grant this user “REPLICATION CLIENT” permission to allow Phabricator to monitor replica health.

This seems like an invalid error message. It is correct that my DB user does not have this permission, but irrelevant as this permission should not be needed.

Expected behaviour: This check is skipped if replication is not enabled. No error is reported.

Phabricator Version Information

Library Version Date Branchpoint
phabricator 62f5bdbbd2c5 Mon, Mar 9
arcanist 66a6128239e2 Fri, Mar 6