Edge.Search for revisions from commit PHIDs intermittently returning empty data

In our CI/CD, we use conduit in the following way to get branches from a commit hash. This is triggered when the commit is merged.

  1. diffusion.commit.search get commit PHID from commit hash.

  2. Pass that commit PHID to edge.search to find related revisions.

  3. Use differential.diff.search to find diffs associated with the revision, and get “onto” branches from those.

However, we’re seeing an intermittent problem in step 2 where the “data” list of commit.revisions comes back empty. Whenever I’ve then called the API manually with the same commit PHID that has come back as empty in the job, it has returned the correct list of revisions.

Are you able to advise on why this could be happening? Might it be a consequence of the edge.search API being new and experimental?

This is not expected. I can’t reproduce it and can’t recall any other install ever reporting a similar issue. edge.search is in widespread use.