Edit Community resources


I would like to add our github repositories in community resource pages, but i can’t modify the wiki :slight_smile:

If development can help someone :slight_smile:

I’ve added it to the wiki :slight_smile:

Does the import script requires your modifications?

I didn’t look at your code, but you might be able to copy the NewTable Remarkup rule with a new class name, the same keywords, and a higher priority, then put it as an extension rather then as a patch.
Otherwise, you can give it a different keyword <newtable> or something.
Because extensions are much easier to install then patches…

Yes we use “complex” table so i had to upgrade phriction just for that.

I didn’t know if it was possible to add new class for the same remarkup rules. I will try it, if i can less work to support my phabricator, i can’t refuse :slight_smile:

This is the commit for adding table rule : https://github.com/Supermarches-Match/phabricator/commit/4ff5f0014ba542e3226a6f4ac6144659f2ea31f8

And i forgot to say that search in repositories are case insensitive too