Edit / delete file (image)


Observed Behavior:

Can’t edit or delete an uploaded file, in this case specifically a project image.

Expected Behavior:

Users with the “Can Edit” capability:
By default, no one can take this action.
The user who uploaded a file can always view and edit it.

I uploaded the picture and expected to be able to edit it.

Phabricator Version:

Git Revision f9673a72a87d61edd69be864491518e83d4645f7

Reproduction Steps:

  • Create a project.
  • Upload a project picture
  • Click on picture file
  • See that Edit and Delete are disabled


When you set an image as a project image, a copy is created (and, possibly, cropped and resized). You can edit or delete the original (you uploaded it), but not the copy (you didn’t upload the copy, the Project application created it by copying an existing file).


Okay, the reason why I wanted to “edit” in the first place was: An admin and me are the only members in the project and we want to make sure that the image doesn’t leak to other users. The file mentions:

Special Rules

This object has special rules which override normal object policy rules:

  • The user who uploaded a file can always view and edit it.
  • Files attached to objects are visible to users who can view those objects.
  • Thumbnails are visible only to users who can view the original file.

Object Policy

  • Can View: All Users

In detail, this means that these users can take this action, provided they pass all of the checks described above first:

  • Logged in users can take this action.

Is it safe ?


Where do I find the original ?
I guess deleting the original will also delete the copy ?


Use phabricator/ $ ./bin/remove destroy Fxxxx from the command line to completely destroy the image.

Where do I find the original ?

Files > All