Editing dashboard with few custom queries

I have main dashbord with few custom queries in one panel (my tasks, latest tasks, all tasks etc.)
By default when enter dashboard the “tab” with latest task is choosen.
I want to change default tab to “my tasks” but cant find such option.
Can rearange, edit title, the query etc but not which exact tab is the default one.
Please advice ?

Anyone ?
Still exist that as a problem.

I think the First tab is the default one, isn’t it?

That way I did thoutgh but … no.
After I delete “All tasks” as uneeded (and was default) there isn’t any defaults.

Yes, I can reproduce it here: https://test-hfprxqskx552.phacility.com/home/menu/view/1/
I added fist Authored tasks panel based on standart query.
After that I’ve move it on 3rd position - still remains as default tab in panel.
Last I’ve deleted it and there is not anymore default tab/panel.
My conclusion is that only FIRST added tab in tabbed pannel is considered as DEFAULT tab.
If that particualar FIRST tab is deleted no one became as DEFAULT

And to report as solution - if you delete your default (first added) tab in tabbed panel, you should detele all of rest tabs and readd them in such order that first added will become as Default.