Enumerating object subtypes through conduit?

Is there any obvious way to enumerate the possible subtypes of tasks through conduit? One of our internal users asked, and I’m actually not aware of one. It might be nice to have something like maniphest.status.search… perhaps maniphest.subtype.search?

There’s currently no way to get subtypes via Conduit. What’s the underlying use case?

This person exclusively files tickets through the command line and wanted to know what subtypes were available for passing to maniphest.edit. Since they’re not an admin, they can’t see the list in Config, and the UI only shows display names, not the keys suitable for use in maniphest.edit.

This person exclusively files tickets through the command line


I guess: use maniphest.search to enumerate every task, then build a list of distinct subtypes from the result list. This is not exhaustive but “all subtypes for which at least one task exists” is a good approximation of “all defined subtypes”.

For now I’ll stick with “he asks me and I reply” I guess. :slight_smile:

I imagine we’ll have the Conduit method eventually, but I’d like to think it’s saving more than one “Right Click > Inspect Element” on the “Change Subtype” UI select control every 6 months.

(I’m also assuming this isn’t an accessibility concern, just the user being particular; if their workflow choice arises from needing vision affordances or whatever I’m happy to implement the method.)