Error importing svn repo

I’ve installed a brand new instance of phabricator on a ubuntu 18 machine and want to import a svn repo.

After setting up the URI and credentials I told it to go active and then got this:

Raw Error

Error updating working copy: Failed to load symbol "SimpleXMLElement" (of type "class or interface").

The class or interface "SimpleXMLElement" is not defined in the library map of any loaded library.

If you are not a developer, this almost always means that a library is out of date. For example, you may have upgraded "phabricator/" without upgrading "arcanist/", or vice versa. It might also mean that you need to restart Apache or PHP-FPM. Make sure all libraries are up to date and all services have been restarted.

If you are a developer and this symbol was recently added or moved, your library map may need to be rebuilt. You can rebuild the map by running "arc liberate".

For more information, see:

Seeing as it’s a new install, I don’t think the parts are out of date. I haven’t updated anything yet. Is there something I can do to sort it out?

|phabricator|b2ab18f8f3d0|Nov 20 2020||
|arcanist|4b3baca999a4|Oct 17 2020|


You’re missing the Simplexml extension for PHP.

Looks like the install command is ‘sudo apt-get install php-xml‘.

Ok you’re right, I needed that extension. It’s weird though that it didn’t warn me about it being missing in the “unresolved setup issues” drop down. I did get other warnings like “php zip not installed”. So clearly there is some functionality for checking php extensions. Maybe SimpleXML needs to be added to a list of things to check for?