Error in arc diff (deadlock found when trying to get lock; ...)

phabricator 58a1731403eb2e8b6590b2ef7b2cb11be447de55 (Sep 30 2017) arcanist 822bc53ca306e06314560d8a76f68771d732e8e0 (Feb 24 2017) phutil 796cb1c2ee274397a8a7bc6c10566fd751619d6d (Mar 4 2017)

  1. Your install is very old - update to a recent (~up to maybe 2 weeks old version) before reporting issues.
  2. When reporting an issue with arc, we need both the server and client versions.
  3. see here for how to report bugs: Guide: Reporting a Bug. This report is missing a lot of information.