Error in Database when editing Maniphest task commits


Observed Behavior:
Yesterday I’ve updated the Phabricator and now when I try to manually modify the commits add or remove the commit on the task I get the following error

Unhandled Exception ("AphrontSchemaQueryException")
#1054: Unknown column 'mailKey' in 'field list'
NOTE: This usually indicates that the MySQL schema has not been properly upgraded. Run 'bin/storage upgrade' to ensure your schema is up to date.

I already did Run ‘bin/storage upgrade’ and it says 'Found no adjustments for schemata."

Expected Behavior:
Save the modified commits

Phabricator Version:
phabricator e2cf1e42887afc62631d006726a8ee88beaa56a0 (Sat, Oct 20)
arcanist 2650e8627a20e1bfe334a4a2b787f44ef5d6ebc5 (Sep 14 2018)
phutil 603209bb1756ef9ad3409aaca96d8e6ade72a937 (Tue, Oct 9)
diff 3.3 at /usr/bin/diff
git 2.19.1 at /usr/bin/git
hg Not Available
pygmentize 2.2.0 at /usr/bin/pygmentize
svn 1.7.14 at /usr/bin/svn

Reproduction Steps:
Try to modify the commits on the ticket


This is almost certainly because you did not restart your webserver completely after upgrading the code, and it is still running old code which has a mailKey column.

This column was removed in and I can not reproduce the issue against up-to-date code.

You can follow this guide to make sure you’re restarting things completely: