Error type '500' when browsing clustered repositories in Diffusion

I have a git repositories wich are clustered. Clone/arc operations are working. But when browsing them in Diffusion, error type ‘500’ sometimes appears. A reload of the page make them disapear, or appear elsewhere: branch, history…

[HTTP/500] Internal Server Error AphrontMalformedRequestException: This request asked for &quot;/api/diffusion.browsequery&quot; on host &quot;<my host here>&quot;, but no site is configured which can serve this request.

I don’t think its a bug but rather a configuration issue, but for now i have been unable to find it.
I have two hosts in the cluster, they are allowed to exchange HTTP content (where rest of the world have HTTPS), uses certificates from Letsencrypt (so there should not be problem with cert validation).

Can someone help me tracking this down?

After tracking in the ‘access log’, it seems all request are made on a first server, when all request from PhabricatorConduitAPIController are made on the second server. And sometimes, a 500 is produced by the second server.

This error comes from a misunderstanding of the cluster setup. In each node, i now have the same value for “phabricator.base-uri”, and the 500 error no longer appears.This error appears when a Phabricator web node receive a request for a hostname which is not the one set in “phabricator.base-uri”.

Now I Have the same question with you.

I setup the cluster repositories with two nodes, and I have not setup cluster webserver, because I just need sync repositories within this two nodes.

Should I Setup cluster webserver to resolve this problem? And Can u Help me What I Need do next?