Exporting custom Select fields as part of query exports


This is a question/request for enhancement. I found out (a year after the original commit upstream) that phabricator was enhanced to support a more generalized export feature :ok_hand: However, when this was implemented the older extensions that allowed for the export for custom fields took a hit as custom select fields are not yet supported in this implementation.


Similar to the previous extensions I tried to build a custom extension but the way the new code has been implemented I don’t have a handle to options of the select field unless I pass a reference to the CustomSelectField object itself. To do this I will need to implement the following change

The ExportField file can be placed in extensions and I was able to test that on an image of phabricator. However, I am not sure if PhabricatorStandardCustomFieldSelect.php can be extended.

I need some guidance on either adding the StandardCustomField to extensions. If that is not possible then I would request for the change to be implemented upstream. I am open to creating a differential if the discourse topic is promoted to a phabricator task.


Any chance for this getting picked up? I did find an option to push these files into the extensions folder and it has worked for me. However, it would be better if this is allowed by default in phabricator.


See https://secure.phabricator.com/D20316.


Thanks, this is definitely much cleaner that my implementation :man_facepalming:t4: Will wait for the upgrade and clean up my extension.

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