Failed to load class or interface 'ArcanistGoConfiguration'

Hi everyone, could you help me.

I am using ubuntu 20.4 and try using arcanist with install via ‘sudo apt install arcanist’

Arcanist is installed but i got error like below when using ‘arc feature [feature_name] or arc work [feature_name]’

i got msg like this :
Failed to load class or interface ‘ArcanistGoConfiguration’: the class or interface ‘ArcanistGoConfiguration’ is not defined in the library map for any loaded phutil library.

That installation of Arcanist is not supported by the upstream.

To install, follow this document: ◉ Arcanist Quick Start

(tl;dr clone arcanist repository to your machine).

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Beyond the above, upstream Arcanist does not reference ArcanistGoConfiguration anywhere in the code, and I can’t find any version of Arcanist that has ever referenced this symbol:

arcanist/ $ git grep -i ArcanistGoConfiguration
arcanist/ $ git log -S ArcanistGoConfiguration 

This is almost certainly a problem with your environment, configuration, or the particular package your are installing.