FB login broken on secure.phabricator.com

See attached screenshot. Not sure if this is limited to secure, or affects FB login on all installs.

Facebook suspended the application for “crashing or hanging excessively during login”. I have no idea why they believe it crashes or hangs and the suspension doesn’t include any information. I’ve appealed this suspension.

As is par for the course for Facebook, the entire developer experience is a weird, broken mess. Here’s a screenshot showing 12 made-up alerts and a dropdown menu that doesn’t load:

As a workaround until this sorts out, you can use email account recovery by clicking “Forgot your password?” from the login screen, even if your account doesn’t actually have a password.

The suspension was apparently 6 weeks ago (but I can’t actually load the notification, so who knows) and you’re the first user to notice, so I might just drop support on secure (and maybe consider dropping it from the upstream, I can’t imagine many installs are using it in the wild).

I’m also not sure how many steps there are here. If I navigate around I can find a bunch of additional issues, like this:

Phabricator doesn’t actually use any of that information (except user_link, to link to the user’s profile) but probably “needs” it because it makes some call which the data was grandfathered into. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone is going through this amount of hassle in the wild now, although I’m not sure how much of this is just weird legacy stuff because my account dates from 2007 and 20-30 apps including my crowning achievement, “Autoblock all applications with “?” in their name”.

Your app was previously found to be in violation of Facebook Platform Policies. During appeal, based on our current app review status, we have determined that your app is not currently in violation of this policy. No further action is needed on your part.

I switched the app back to “Live” mode, although I can’t easily test if this actually works. Let me know if you give it a shot?