FEATURE Add "not done" checkbox

I would like to suggest to add a Remarkup option to create a checkbox indicating "not done " status.
At the moment the checkbox can be [], to do, or [x], done: my suggestion is to add a visual representation of a checkbox for an item that has been evaluated, worked on and rejected.

Currently [x] is rendered as a small square with a “done” check mark, similar to U+2611 character, I would suggest to include a syntax like perhaps [*] to be rendered with a mark similar to U+2612 character.

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There’s no globally-accepted symbol for “rejected”; someone looking at ☒ without much context might think it means “done”.
I suggest you use “strikethru” for “rejected”:

For completeness, this is what we have right now:

There’s no globally-accepted symbol for “rejected”

Thanks for your comment, but I must point out that for your suggestion

I suggest you use “strikethru” for “rejected”:

the same issue applies: this is not globally-accepted. There are several applications (and also a previous Phabricator iteration, see T13482) that actually use strikethrough as a “completed” mark, not a discarded one.

I think we’ll never find a sign that is universally recognized: I suppose here we should find one that is reasonably acceptable.


Let’s talk about this:

~~[] declined~~

Shouldn’t it become this way?


(Actually it becomes this:)


Just for curiosity. Thank you!

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