Feature Request: Option for normal names

Company does not have email address, so I am posting here in the hope someone from the company will see it.

I was evaluating different project management tools and found this one. I find it to be very polished and functional, and was surprised I’ve never heard of it before. Your pricing tiers are also reasonable, and I could have recommended this to my boss easily.

But your naming is downright ridiculous.

We want to use an app that deals in “stories” and “bugs” and “notes”. Not “phukbuts” and “phelatoids” and “phenises”.

The app itself is excellent, but only immature “phanboyz” will use it. I can’t recommend this for professional use.

Please consider, for your own sake, to add an option where a user can opt-out of this juvenile naming scheme and use normal nomenclature.

Please don’t be too ophended, you have created a real gem, just pholish it a bit.

(And for the phanboyz, don’t bother replying as I created this account just to post this. Pharewell.)

I wonder if this is an honest troll, or if someone forked phabricator, renamed the apps to those things, and trying to sell it?

Maybe he meant to post this on Atlassian’s board? I agree that “JIRA”, “Confluence”, “Crucible”, etc., are very confusing names.

Unfortunately, because Atlassian has so much mindshare, Phabricator is compelled to do this too in order to just compete in the marketplace.

Just to be explicit: Phabricator does not use crude, juvenile, “edgy”, or sexual humor (like “phukbuts” or “phenises”) and this kind of humor has no place in the product.