#fileatask or other more generic "command" support in comments/chats?

Is there a way to get Phabricator to take complex actions in response to messages?

For example, it would be cool to be able to write #fileatask <message> in just about any comment anywhere in Phabricator, and then have a task created with that title (and a link to the T## created as an auto response)

Took a look at Herald and it doesn’t seem to currently support creating rules that run in response to (1) comments or (2) chat messages…

Would also be happy to help build or fund the development of this if anyone was interested! But could use some pointers as I’m brand new here :heart_eyes:

See https://secure.phabricator.com/T11934 and https://secure.phabricator.com/T7787, perhaps, although neither particularly envisions upstream support for interacting with other objects.

See also arc todo.

Would also be happy to help build or fund the development of this if anyone was interested!

Phabricator’s roadmap is entirely controlled by requests from paying customers – organizations that purchase hosting or support pacts. If this feature is valuable to your organization, you’re welcome to purchase a support pact and file an issue referencing this thread (but read the documentation carefully – you’re paying for help solving problems, not feature development). Support pacts start at $1,000/month. A typical customer is an organization which can realize a net cost savings by paying for support instead of paying for headcount to maintain or develop Phabricator.

If this doesn’t describe you, you may be able to implement a rough version of this feature with Webhooks: use a “Firehose” webhook and have your endpoint pull the comment text and create tasks if appropriate.

I don’t have an organzation (yet!) but will definitely keep that in mind for the future, really appreciate the pointers though. If you’re curious, I’m currently in the stages of finding contract dev labor to help supplement my own development of a proof of concept app for a start-up. Having worked at FB, and thus been exposed to the wonders of stacked diffs and Phabricator in general, this seemed like a great place to start :grinning: