Fresh install results in blank page on Ubuntu 20.04 (nginx, php-fpm7.2)

I ran the install, configured nginx for php7.2 fpm, installed the php plugins that were in the install script (gd, apcu, zip, etc.), added mysql user, ran the storage update successfully, then when I went to the webpage it failed with a blank page on auth/registration

I can’t find any errors in nginx log, or php7.2-fpm log… just a blank page in the browser

I’m stuck. Is there a way to see the error log?

(FWIW I am also behind a caddy2 reverse proxy, but sense the pretty phabricator error pages for mysql config came up fine I doubt that’s the issue)

Error logs would be in the fpm logsphp --version

  1. Which version of Phabricator (commit hash)?
  2. Is the response to the browser empty (no content) or is there any HTML tags there? Any status code?
  3. Did you set any configuration value other then mysql configuration?

Also, my Ubuntu 20.04.1 defaulted to php 7.4.3; Is there a specific reason you’re using php 7.2?

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It was my reverse proxy that was the problem. It was serving the root document right under some circumstances, and failing for anything but the root path. (The slashes were messed up). So it was behaving strangely and giving me false assumptions.

In any case, working directly with the localhost IP address behind the firewall made it obvious.

Thanks for your reply, it made me double-check my assumptions.

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