Getting 404 error while installing certificate

Hi I’m using windows 8, I’m trying to install certificate but it always throw me the error.
saying " Usage Exception: Failed to connect to server ( [HTTP/404] Not Found "

Can someone help me on this ?

Is the rest of your phabricator install works?

This could be a networking issue in your computer.

I’m able to hit the phabricator link in browser, I can comment and can do all other things.
But while raising the review from cmd it gives network error. So thought to install certificate freshly. but even that is not happening .

just to confirm about network issues I ran few commands in prompt like “Test-NetConnection -p 8080” and "Invoke-WebRequest -URI “” " both returned me the 200 code , which means I’m able hit the url

What I’m doing wrong in the installation ?

Are your server and client both up-to-date?

Yes both are upto date, my other colleagues are able to setup the same application, but not sure what I’m doing wrong

Any help ?

Don’t know. Try adding --trace to see if there’s something thre.

This is the below response I’m getting (sorry for delayed reply)

Config: Did not find local configuration at "C:\Users\612457612\Documents\projectCodes\svn_hqn\CMC\.svn\arc\config".
 CONNECT  Connecting to ""...
>>> [1] (+0) <http>
<<< [1] (+62,981) <http> 62,981,344 us
>>> [2] (+62,981) <conduit> <bytes = 39>
<<< [2] (+62,981) <conduit> 132 us
Usage Exception: Failed to connect to server ( [HTTP/404] Not Found
<TITLE>Network Error</TITLE>

I think it’s some kind of networking/proxy issue, either on your computer (maybe VPN?) or some kind of network device you’re connected to.