Git LFS File Locking

Hi everybody! First off I do want to say how much I like Phabricator. It is really nice how it puts so many different tools in one place and I love how fast it is on my tiny server. For my team it was the replacement for JIRA and the Atlassian suite because it was Open Source and lightweight. Our entire tool suite is Open Source so Phabricator was a great fit!

Me and my team are using Phab for project management and git hosting and we are planning on using Git LFS for our large assets in video game development. Git LFS File Locking is something that would be very useful for us to have in Phabricator. I’m not sure if this is a priority, but I wanted to put it out there as something that would be useful to my team.

Again, thanks so much for Phabricator and keep up the good work! It is going to form a crucial part of my team’s development for hopefully a very long time. :smiley: :tada:

I think this is broadly a reasonable feature to build upstream. We can implement arc lock / arc locks / arc unlock in the general case that could work with any VCS and file/path/pattern, and git lfs lock could special case the more general locking mechanism.

This could extend fairly naturally into a general path permissions mechanism if use cases exist for that.

We don’t currently have any customer interest in this, but if interest arises I’d be comfortable with this making it into the queue.