Git repository not found

I have followed the Diffusion Hosting guide to set up Phabricator as my git repository host. However, I have not been able to clone the repo that I created.

Here is the output from Git Bash shell:

$ GIT_CURLVERBOSE=1 git clone
Cloning into 'tdq'...
fatal: repository '' not found

After executing the command, a popup is displayed asking for my credentials. I enter my Phabricator username and the VCS Password that I set.

Same from PowerShell:

PS C:\Users\williamsk\Workspace\NG\Qt_workspace> set GIT_TRACE=true
PS C:\Users\williamsk\Workspace\NG\Qt_workspace> set GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=true
PS C:\Users\williamsk\Workspace\NG\Qt_workspace> git clone
Cloning into 'tdq'...
fatal: repository '' not found

And here is the URI setup from Phabricator. The disabled one was when I had diffusion.allow-http-auth disabled to attempt anonymous HTTP.

What am I missing or forgetting to do? What else can I do to help diagnose the problem?