Github-style behind/ahead statistics in branches view


I’m looking for an easy way of presenting simple behind/ahead default branch commit counts.
Like in this example thats github>repo_name>branches view.
Is there any way to display that within diffusion>repo_name>branches or anywhere close to that?


Hi, there’s no support for a similar view in Phabricator.

Thanks for the reply, any chances such feature request would be accepted?

Broadly speaking: There’s a chance, but not a huge one.

  1. We just don’t like branches. We think GH teaches all the wrong things about what branches are for and how to use them, so we’re not happy about adding features that make it easier to be “just like github” (but see T10691 which is basically “be more github”).
  2. OTOH, this isn’t really hard to implement, and there’s room for it in the UI -
  3. This isn’t a full feature request - see Contributing Feature Requests document.
  4. If we do the drill-down we request in the doc, I’m guessing this will end up as part of a Release flow, which goes into the planned Release app, which isn’t a current priority. Otherwise, we might end up with “Be more Github” and T5000.

Yeah, I understand that, this is why I asked about chances for this to be accepted at all.
All in all I was just curious about possibility. I know there’s enough space in the current UI for it, and there’s nommuch actual logic behind it (every cvs actually provides appropriate commands to do that in CLI).

Side note below.
Personally I disagree with limiting capabilities of tools, just because someone disagree with an idea. If I decide to use hammer to put screws in, it’s my problem not the hammers producer :wink: we’re engineers not prophets.

It’s not so much a “we refuse to do this”, as much as “We have a lots of thing we want to do, this one is far down the list”.