Golint deprecated by upstream

I appreciate how simple and easy it was to use the golint linter in Arcanist. Sadly, this linter has been deprecated by its community, and frozen: https://github.com/golang/go/issues/38968

NOTE: Golint is deprecated and frozen. There’s no drop-in replacement for it, but tools such as Staticcheck and go vet should be used instead.

Since replacing or removing golint could cause problems for others, can we add (yet another) linter, the aforementioned staticcheck, to lint Go code?

See ⚓ T10038 Plan the mid-term pathway for unit-test/linter bindings - basically, adding lints/units should happen via ⚡ Community Resources for now, until ⚓ T5055 Distribution mechanism for arc extensions is implemented.

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@shatil If you look around on GitHub there’s plenty of community written linters that you can use and adapt to your use case.
We decided to go with golangci-lint and I wrote a quick linter for it that you can use as reference if you’d so like: pixie/ArcanistGolangCiLinter.php at main · pixie-labs/pixie · GitHub