Greater fine control over inlines in Differential

Not so much a bug more a couple of UI suggestion for in Differential:

Sometimes I’m the second or 3rd reviewer to take a look at the code, and by the time I get there the previous comments are all over the code so I can’t see the wood for the trees, so I “Hide All inlines”

This hides my own un-submitted comments (the ones I started to add before I realized I needed to hide everyone else’s)

  • Suggestion 1) Could we have a “Hide others inlines”
    ( This would hide all inline comments from other reviewers, but leave mine)

  • Suggestion 2) Could we have a “Show unsubmitted inlines”
    ( This would hide all inline comments from everyone else but keep those not submitted)

So I start reviewing and of course, I’m very likely to come up with some of the same comments, but I can’t tell if anyone else has commented on this because they are hidden

I could have collapsed all the other comments, but that can make the code still a little unreadable

  • Suggestion 3) It would be great if there was a “Collapse all inlines” and “Collapse all others inlines”
    ( This would collapse all others comments or all comments, without me having to (x) them individually

  • Suggestion 4) it would be nice if I could lose the “author: their first comment line text” from the code, but keep the grey speech bubble in the margin so I can expand it
    (This would keep the code clean and easy to read, but still let me expand the inline to ensure I’m not giving the same comment as someone else)

  • Suggestion 5) I know I could collapse with the “x” on the right, it would be nice if the grey speech bubble stayed on the left when the comment was open so I can just click-click to show and hide without moving the mouse
    (This would really help the usage of collapsed inlines)

Just a few thoughts from a Phabricator fan, feel free to rubbish my ideas.