Guide: Reporting a Bug

When you report a bug, a community member with access to needs to reproduce it, then file a report upstream themselves before it will be fixed in Phabricator. Bugs reported here will not be addressed until someone with access brings them upstream.

This filtering step makes sure the upstream tracker only has high-quality, reproducible bugs which we can act on and fix. Historically, when anyone could file a bug, the majority of bug reports were not bugs in Phabricator which we could fix (for example: they were fixed in a more recent version; or were configuration issues; or the behavior was impossible to reproduce).

Your bug will probably never come upstream (and will therefor never be addressed) if:

  • It doesn’t have reproduction instructions which someone else can follow to reproduce the issue.
  • It would take someone a very long time to reproduce (for example, because your reproduction case is extremely complicated).
  • You don’t include version information (bug reports against old versions are very often resolved by upgrading).

Most reports like this do not actually describe bugs in Phabricator.

If you’d like your bug to be fixed:

  • Make sure anyone can reproduce it locally by following the instructions you provide.
  • Provide clear, simple instructions which don’t take too long to follow.
  • Report against an up-to-date version of Phabricator, and include version information.

For more details, see Contributing Bug Reports in the documentation.

Alternatively, you can purchase a paid support plan to get upstream help with anything.

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a community member with access to needs to reproduce it
Reproducing my bug requires importing a new “observed” repository - how can I do that?

I wound up doing this via conduit calls over in …