“harbormaster.buildable.search” does not exist

when I arc land the accepted revision, the error occur

EXCEPTION: (ConduitClientException)ERR-CONDUIT-CALL:<harbormaster.buildable.search> Conduit API method “harbormaster.buildable.search” does not exist. at [\src\conduit\ConduitFuture.php:70] arcanist(head=master,ref.master=bc7a1f340d5d)

the arcanist version is

arc version
arcanist bc7a1f340d5dbb653e253b100b0bffce4932dc4d (18 Sep 2020)

I have no idea that how to resolve the problem, I have uninstall the harbormaster in the web page.

Thank you !!!

hi. friends. solve the problem already??i have the problem also! could u help me ?/

Have you solved it ?