Harbormaster + Drydock: new builds are stalling because there are no new activation attempts


Observed Behavior:
I’m trying to move the build of my project from one server to another.

I created a new Device and Service in Almanac, created a Blueprint (Almanac Host) and another Blueprint (Working Copy) based on previous one in Drydock. Then I specified new working copy in the settings of my repository (Diffusion > My Repository > Manage Repository > Automation) and changed working copy in my build plan in Harbormaster. Also I created new user for Drydock on my server.

After I created new test revision in Differential a new build was started and Drydock attempted to activate new Blueprint (Almanac Host) but it failed because I specified wrong credentials (username). I was looking for a problem and when I checked /var/log/auth.log on my server I realized my mistake. I fixed the credentials but attempts to activate Host Blueprint was stopped.

Expected Behavior:
Attempt to activate the Blueprint with new credentials.

Phabricator Version:
03d059dd26e27077de6c58847926cfe9d2e6590b (Nov 2 2017)

Reproduction Steps:
In the description.

How to solve problem "Failed to acquire slot locks: almanac.host.binding"