Help with migration, images corrupted

Hi, i just migrated my data to other server and i’m having trouble, in a new installation on the newest version i restored a mysql backup (it was a older version of phabricator) but the images are not showing, the original server was working fine and the defined storage directory (it was local disk) had no files so i’m guessing the files are stored on the mysql backup file, i had few files, and i want to know if i need to do something else or if i missed a step in the migration. Here are the steps i did to replicate this problem

  • Create database backup of older phabricator version
  • Setup new phabricator installation just before the database migration section
  • Restore older backup
  • run database upgrade script
  • Access the server and no images are showing.

I also encountered this issue. Running

systemctl reload php7.4-fpm

(that is: restarting phabricator) resolved it

I did nothing and after a while the images worked